* Since 1994 *

BBC D251 Discrete Microphone Amplifiers

2 Channels with new gold pin ELMA Sensitivity switch used for gain control and the amplifiers are fully recapped.

Features: 10-50dB Gain (in 5dB steps), Phantom (48V), Polarity Reverse (Phase), Output Fader. TDI option available.

"I got an Audix console from the BBC several years ago and wanted to build these for sometime. The D251s are similar to the Micpre is Neve 33114 input module or the Neve 3415 line amp (converted to pre). The D251 has a Class AB O/P stage. Great for vocals, Acoustic & Electric guitar and especially drums. These sound amazing! Do not let the price fool you."
- David Marquette

Several pairs in stock.

$1300.00 per pair
$1550.00 w/ TDI (transformer direct input) option per channel
Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for more information or to place an order.