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(4) Audix 35102 and (2) Am6/17 Package

Mic pre with 3-band EQ and comp/limiter

Custom Package, Originally built by Marquette Audio Labs for Funkhaus Hayward (Dave's private studio). Contains (4) Audix 35102 Micpre/EQ channels and (2) AM6/17 Compressor/ Limiter channels.

The Audix 35102 modules are built to BBC spec and are nearly identical to the Neve 33114. There is a 3554 IC in the Micpre path but the EQ is fully Discrete. 3 band, fully selectable EQ w/ High and Low filters.

The Audix AM6/17 is built to BBC spec and were also built by Neve and Calrec in the 70's. They are very similar to a Neve 32264 (ie 33609).

Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for more product information.