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Crowley & Tripp Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphone

The Studio Vocalist is a full size professional ribbon microphone designed to exceed modern recording standards. Manufactured using the best materials available, the Studio Vocalist is rigorously tested in the Crowley and Tripp / Soundwave Research laboratory as well as in the field by experienced engineers, producers, and artists like you.

This microphone is unique — no other natural ribbon microphone has the sound or the output level of the Studio Vocalist. The Studio Vocalist is even 3 dB higher in output than popular dynamic microphones! This level of efficiency in design and performance is due to the Crowley and Tripp designed ribbon motor unit, the heart of the Studio Vocalist. Its smooth, rising response gives the Studio Vocalist a musical sound that will expand your creative recording capabilities in the studio.

Smooth, rising response

Figure eight polar pattern

Enhanced proximity effect for boosting thin sources

Highest output of any natural ribbon microphone, old or new

All-new design with innovative motor unit in a rugged stainless steel body

Transformer and ribbon motor rigidly joined for lowest noise, highest output, and smoothest bass response

Professional level electrostatic and magnetic shielding

Symmetric frequency response minimizes off axis coloration

Specifications of all microphone models compiled by an independent laboratory

Hand built in the U.S. by people who understand the art of transducer engineering, tuning, and performance

LIST PRICE: $1695.00
Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for product information and your price.

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