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Buzz Audio Mono Parametric Equalizer

The MPE-1.1 is a professional quality audio equalizer featuring a High Pass Filter, High & Low Shelving bands and two Parametric Mid bands. Individual bypass switches allows the user to remove unused sections from the signal path and an Input Gain control completes the package.

The EQ circuitry of the MPE is derived the Buzz Audio ARC and as standard offers a very smooth sound with little colouration of the audio signal. For those looking for a bit more colour, we offer various options for input and output transformers, which can be fitted at the factory or supplied as a retrofit kit.

The low frequency shelf section of the MPE utilizes a real 16 Henry choke (inductor) as the resonant element resulting in a incredibly tight and powerful bottom end control - perfect for modern music styles where bass is all important.

The high frequency shelf section features a switchable tight response curve which allows the user to boost (or cut) the top end of the audio band whilst preserving the upper midrange. In broad mode, the high shelf operates in a more traditional manner. Click here to view the MPE measured performance curves.

High Pass Filter - continuously variable from 25Hz to 450Hz, musical 12dB/oct filter slope. Individually selectable in/out.
Low Shelf - choke (inductor) based shelving section with selectable 60Hz and 120Hz turnover points. +/-17dB cut/boost available. Selectable in/out with High Shelf section.
High Shelf - selectable passive (broad) or active (tight) based shelving section. +/-17dB cut/boost available. Selectable in/out with Low Shelf.
Low Mid - +/-16dB cut/boost continuously sweepable from 30Hz to 700Hz. Variable bandwidth (Q) including a tight notch/peak setting. Individually selectable in/out.
Low-High Mid - +/-16dB cut boost continuously sweepable from 160Hz to 3.4kHz (x1) or 1.6kHz to 34kHz (x10). Variable bandwidth (Q) including a tight notch/peak setting. Individually selectable in/out.
Input Gain - providing +/-15dB range.
Peak LED - monitors signal levels at all critical points within the equalizer.
All Bypass - 3 position switch which selects either the DC Coupled input or the Transformer input (if fitted) or hard bypasses the entire MPE.
Two XLR output connectors (one carries the signal via the output transformer if fitted).
Two looping XLR input connectors.

Input Gain Range = -15dB to +15dB
Frequency Response EQ sections bypassed = 3Hz to 200kHz (-3dB)
Frequency Response EQ sections in, HPF fully CCW = 25Hz to 180kHz (-3dB)
Harmonic Distortion EQ sections in = 100Hz-0.0035%, 1kHz-0.0035%, 10kHz-0.0065%
Residual Noise EQ sections bypassed = -95dB A wtg
Residual Noise EQ sections in = -88dB A wtg
Maximum Input/Output Level = +23.5dBu
Size = 1 Unit rack mount, (482Wx44Hx250D)
Power requirements = 230V/115V selectable

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