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Brauner VM1 Tube Microphone

Brauner VM1
Brauner Tube Microphones are handcrafted in Germany by Dirk Brauner Rohrengeratemanufaktur. All equipment is handmade using only the finest selected components available at the market.

Lifelong lasting quality in sound and workmanship, pure 100% tube circuitry and design, far superior to cheap hybrid designs, will give you a perception of sound that you never heard before.

"I met Dirk Brauner about 8 years ago when I was visiting a friend in Wesel, Germany. It was a Saturday and my friend asked what I would like to do. Not knowing the area, and it being a bit early to grab a stein of ale... I replied: "Just show me some sites." Olaf, my "amigo", said: "I have a friend who is building microphones and thought you would like to check them out." So we were off...

On the way I was thinking to myself this is probably some mad scientist building microphones in soup cans or something crazy." But instead I was introduced to Dirk Brauner at his original "Factory" on a small farm outside of Wesel. This is where he was doing almost everything IN HOUSE for his first creation "The VM1". I was floored by the craftsmanship as well as Dirk's knowledge of mics and Telefunken V series modules etc... (Dirk was kind enough to sell me a V77 for my personal collection).

Dirk had a listening area ready when we arrived. There was a VM1 and a beautiful Neumann M49 to A/B his microphone against. It sounded great... I was VERY impressed! Remember at that time there were not a whole lot of people making microphones other than the "old standard" and their quality had been running downhill for sometime. Dirk said he was interested in getting his microphones into the US market and I said I would do what I could to help... and to my knowledge I was the first BRAUNER dealer in the USA. I am very happy to see that Dirk has received the recognition that is well deserved for his craftsmanship and ability to make a superior product in the over crowded microphone market today."

- David Marquette

"The Brauner VM1 Tube Microphone is one of the most natural sounding mics I have ever heard and in my opinion Dirk Brauner delivers the best craftsmanship of any microphone being made today. This is something that falls into the 'you get what you pay for' category, because you can see, feel and hear the difference."

To Dirk Brauner, his VM1 was the first real fulfilling of the dream of the perfect sounding tube microphone. A microphone to keep the spirit of the glorious old tube microphones alive, whilst complying with the high technical standards of modern high-tech microphones in the same way. Tradition and progress join up in this top of the line Brauner product, which won the SSAIRA award in 1998 for the best product in its category. (Professional Studio Recording Microphones) Without any doubt, Brauner's fame today was founded with this microphone.

Microphone Type Pressure Gradient Transducer
Equivalent Noise 11 dB A (IEC651)
Signal to Noise 83 dB (1Pa/1KHz-cardioid)
Frequency Range 18 Hz-24 KHz
Sensitivity 28mV/Pa-cardioid
Pattern All, infinitely variable
Type of Amplifier Ultrawide, Ultralinear, Class A
Tube Type EF 732
Maximum SPL/td> 142 dB SPL @ 0,3 % THD
Tube Type EF 732
Supply 115V or 230V
Accessories (Included) Suspension, aluminium case, power supply, windscreen, cable, manual

VM1 Power Supply

VM1 Carry Case, VM1 Shockmount

VM1 Windscreen

VM1 - Variable Pattern Tube Microphone Includes: VM1 Shock Mount, VM1 Power Supply with remote pattern control and -10dB pad, 360 Degree custom pop filter / Windscreen, 7.5M Brauner Low capacitance Cable ( for between mic and power supply ) and a VM1 carry case to hold the system.

$4995.00 *LIST

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