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Brauner Phantom Microphone

Brauner Phantom
Flawless character.

Standing back, giving space to the sound, with all the attitudes Brauner microphones are famous for. That is the Phantom. Consequently following up on our philosophy. Our first phantom powered FET microphone we considered worth, carrying our name. A fair priced High-tech microphone. Nominated for TEC Award 2003!

Phantom V

The Phantom V (variable) can be switched between omni, cardioid and figure of eight. An additional 10dB Pad makes this microphone the ideal multi purpose microphone for a huge variety of applications.

Phantom C

The Phantom C (cardioid) was made for people that commonly use cardioid only microphones.

The capsule is based on the legendary VM1 capsule. (The only real further development of existing German capsule designs!) The impedance converter is identical to the high performance converter developed for our ASM5 adjustable surround microphone system. (We have been searching the world half a year to find a suitable FET transistor, which we finally found in RF satellite transmission technology... )

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