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API 7800 Discrete 4 Buss Console Master

API 7800 Rack Mounted Master Control Module is the final stage in the line of 7600 Input Modules linked together in a console configuration. The new API 7800 fits into one rack space unit. It includes summing amps for the echo sends, busses and stereo mix bus when linked up with the 7600 input module. The 7800 is available in either a Vertical or Horizontal configuration, depending on the custom needs of the user.

The new API 7800 fits into one 19" rack space unit. It includes summing amps for the four Echo Sends, four Track Busses and Stereo Mix Bus when linked up with the 7600 Input Module.

The 7800 is available either in a Horizontal or Vertical configuration, the only difference being the legends on the panel. Complete with internal power supply, the 7800 strip is the basis for building a 4 channel, 8 channel or even 16 channel professional sounding API console when used with the 7600.

This allows a studio to design a custom "side-car" console that can be used as extra inputs or as a portable "floating" console that can be moved from control room to control room. It can also be the basis for an extremely high quality 4 or 8+ channel console for remote recording applications, such as classical recordings or broadcast live remotes.

The 7800 includes the master controls for the Solo system, including PFL, SIP and level control. There are six 2-Track inputs, monitoring of the four Sends, and monitoring of the Stereo Bus. There are XLR outputs for the Stereo outputs as well as the Speaker amp inputs. All other outputs are on a D-sub, with a DA-88 type pinout. This is a professional Master section that can be used in any application requiring a Control Room controller.

For engineers/artists that are using a Pro Tools type of product, the 7800M is perfect for use as a Control Room Master without the summing amps and output controls for the Sends or Busses. It also provides eight 2-Track Inputs, Speaker controls, dim and a Stereo Output.

  • Uses API 2520 Op-Amp
  • Complete API Master Control Room Module
  • Includes Solo Master, Talk Back, Send Masters, Bus Masters, Stereo Master, and Control Room Master
  • Links several 7600 Input Modules
  • Full Featured Control Room Section with 2-Track Monitoring and Large/Small Speaker Control
  • All Inputs and Outputs on Rear Panel
  • VU Meter Amplifiers for External Metering
  • Perfect for Pro-Tools type Work Station Monitoring
  • Output Clips at +30 dBm

  • List Price: $2995

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