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API 500H Horizontal 2 Space Rack

The API Model 500H is powered internally by tri-polar power supplies and is designed to accept many different API standard format 5.25" X 1.5" modules. The 500H allows the user to design a custom channel strip for use in the studio or live performing.

The 500H comes internally wired, allowing easy installation of the 500H. Just insert the modules and begin working. Each 500 series module can be ordered with horizontal panels, to ensure ease of use. Insert a 512C mic preamp and a 550B EQ, and you can create the perfect input strip for recording or live use. Insert a pair of 550Bs or 560s and you have a stereo equalizer. Using the 525 compressors in the 500H is ideal for a stereo bus compressor, as the 500H has a linking feature for the 525s.

The 500H comes with an internal 48 volt phantom power supply, bussed to pin 15 for the API 512C to access. It must be noted that the older API 560A series equalizers used pin 15 for a "direct output" and must be disabled on the 560A circuit board edge connector by cutting a trace. This will eliminate 48 volts from damaging the 560A series equalizers.

API makes several modules to fit this rack, including the 550B, 560, 525, and 512C. These modules are designed to help expand existing limited input console configurations, allowing a facility an option to a larger console.

  • Multitrack Recording of Acoustic and Electronic Audio Sources.
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems and Recording Live to Multitrack formats.
  • Multiple facility projects where portability is a concern.
  • Broadcast and Audio for Video Production.
  • Custom Channel Input Strips.
  • ADAT Type Portable Recording Setups.

  • Features
  • Holds 2 API Standard Format 5.25" X 1.5" Modules
  • XLR Jacks for Inputs and Outputs
  • 48 Volt Internal Phantom Power Supply
  • Self-Powered, 115 or 250 Volts, 47 to 63 Hz
  • 19" Rack Mount, 1U Tall
  • Rugged Chassis
  • Perfect for Outboard EQ / Mic Pre / Compressor Modules

  • List Price: $850

    Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for API product information and your price.