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May/June 2007

NORAH JONES "Not Too Late"
AMAZING!!! This is as good as her first if not better... tones are great and songs and performances are top notch. Produced by MAL friend and client LEE ALEXANDER (Nora's bassist). Lee said they used a Mercury 66 on mono room mic... because it breathed so well in the track. I highly recommend this one!!!

SHINEDOWN "Us and Them"
Great band, good tunes and tones... great drum sounds... they rock hard but you know they have southern blood in their veins.

JOHNNY CASH "The Legend of Johnny Cash"
This is a must have...

MUSE "Black Holes and Revelations"
Awesome CD... Co Produced by MAL friend Rich Costey. This is a great band with intense tones, tunes and take on music today. Highly recommend this one!

ROCCO DELUCA AND THE BURDEN "I trust you to kill me"
Yes I saw the VH1 special and went out and bought the CD... Rocco's voices are as real as you can get... and his guitar work is great. In a world of BS, samples, loops and drum machines.. this is a breath of fresh air. It is nice to see and hear musicians work... Thank you! Album doesn't capture the raw energy of the live show but it is still very good. I would love to catch these live.

RACONTEURS "Broken Boy Soldier"
Wow! This CD was a surprise, great tunes and performances. Jack White of White Stripes shares the spotlight with this 4 piece band... Looking forward to the next CD.

ARMY OF ANYONE "Army of Anyone"
STP - Scott + Filter - drum loops = Army of Anyone. Great first effort. Bob Ezrin co produced w/ the band and MAL friend and client RAY DiLeo worked on it as well. Great drum tones!!! I cant wait to hear the second CD.

DAUGHTRY "Daughtry"
Nickelback idol... oh I mean, some pretty good tunes and some good performances.

March/April 2007

They are back and kickin ass! Good CD, saw a 3rd show 04/02/07 at the Fillmore in SF. Great live band, one of the best I have seen regardless of style.

HINDER "Extreme Behavior"
Rock on with your bad self... rock n rollers w/ attitude and good tunes.

Any BNL fan will enjoy...

RED "End of Silence
Opened up for SEVENDUST (04/02/07) @ the Fillmore in SF. A bunch of good ol boys from Nashville. But this band play hard hitting rock a little mellower than Sevendust. The Singer and Bassist signed my son's CD and chatted with him for a while... nice guys. They put on a good show and the CD is worth getting! Breath into me (Track 2) is a great tune... I have heard it "several times" (my son has it on heavy rotation)!

January/February 2007

TENACIOUS D "The Pick of Destiny"
This is D lite... the D ruled.

November/December 2007

Overwhelming artwork... double CD makes sure you get enough Christina =) Linda Perry helps with her great song writing, production is good and I really like the new direction she is going. Refreshing and obvious she is not going away anytime soon.

June/July 2006

BLACK STONE CHERRY "Black Stone Cherry"
WOW! These guys rock! I am really impressed with this band, period. It seems their melting pot of influences brewed a perfect new band. I like everything from the CD cover that is old school rock n roll, to the good songs, great production, tight tracks with great tones to the mastering as well. I suggest you all grab a copy if you like listening to a great rock band. I am looking forward to seeing them live when they tour with Black Label Society this fall.

THOM YORKE "The Eraser"
This is a solo effort from Radioheads front man... different then Radiohead yet Thom's voice doesn't let you forget his other gig. Engineered and mixed by Nigel Goodrich, Can he do anything that sounds bad.... NO!

Good rock n roll CD, ... Recorded at Mad Dog Studios (MAL Client) in Burbank CA.

WOLFMOTHER "Wolfmother"
I really like the song 'Woman' ... but the rest of the CD sounds more like white stripes then the rocking 1st single.

DRAGONFORCE "Dragonforce"
Haven't listened yet...

May 2006

JEWEL "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"
I just started listening and like the first single. The album has great tones. Proud to say Jewel is a MAL Client...

My good friend from Germany, Olaf Prinz, has a great 40s - 60s, rock-a-billy / swing band. He sent me his latest CD which is real good and I have to say the package is one of the best I have seen, great packaging brother! The CD is solid black and looks like vinyl!! I have seen the Speedos live in Germany and in the USA, great live band. It is like going to a show in a time machine... they sing in english and are all great musicians.

AC/DC "Highway too Hell" (remastered)
Classic! Sadly this is the best CD I have got in a while... AC/DC is flawless, high energy, Rock n roll. This remastered version of Highway to Hell is AMAZING, incredible tones... excellent job George Marino (@Sterling Sound). I cant wait for them to tour again...

Good songs, great production (Glen Ballard)... this is a long way from the old 'carwash' album... happy to see a rock band stay alive and get a chance to evolve.

Mixed by Sully and Andy Johns... nice to hear Andy is still rocking!

April 2006

Really Good Album. Great Songs and Production. I like the mix between pop and rock... w/ great vocals. It is nice to see someone who can actually sing be successful. MAL clients Brian Garcia and Raine Maida both have credits...

Its Ozzy, of course its good. Ozzy does covers which is fun. Good band as always, with Puffy on drums and Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) on guitar... but I missed ZAKK! Ozzy is the only act that I saw the same tour 3 times... No More Tears Tour... twice at The Warfield (seats about 5k) in SF and once at the Cow Palace in SF.

FUEL "Sunburn"

THE EXIES "Head for the Door"
Track # 8 is really good. I would love to catch this band live to see what they are about.

MITCH HEDBERG "Mitch All Together" (comedy)
This is funny stuff but doesn't do him justice (kinda PG13)... I saw him live in SF twice... the first time I laughed for 45 minutes straight with out stopping... Mitch was an original, he was an amazing comic who will be greatly missed... F***ing drugs took another funny brother from us!

March 2006

I was excited to get a unreleased CD from BADLANDS, called Dusk. I am a huge fan of their first two albums, 'Badlands' and 'Voodoo Highway'. Which are both great rock records with Jake E Lee on Guitar and the late, Ray Gillian on vocals... I saw them once at The Stone in SF, great live band, terrific musicians and as a band they were hard to beat, they had it all. Dusk lacks the magic of the first two CDS. But I am glad to add it to my collection all the same.

January/February 2006

For Christmas I was given a Sirius radio system. I set it up in the shop and thought I would be listening to HOWARD STERN everyday. But, as it turns out, I really never listen to Stern... but rather listen to the classic rock and hard rock channels... that are filled with bands that I almost forgot about ... ha ha.

I really liked hearing tracks from EZO, from Japan. I was lucky enough to see EZO once in Oakland CA, at The Omni. EZO was incredible, cool tunes (kinda like the Cult meets Loudness, the singer was electric and the band was solid. I actually hung of with the bass player from the Bangles at that show... which was cool. By the way, I am looking for copies of the two EZO CDs, any help would be appreciated.

First impression of Sirius Radio... "It Sucked!" It is so compressed it is ridiculous, but after tweaking the $*** out of it, I managed to get it listenable. the DJs are less than entertaining, but not having commercials is worth every penny! Unfortunately with no commercials, I wont be able to know when the Guitar Center's once in a lifetime, super blowout, green tag sale-a-thon is... but I think i will live! HA HA. Lets hope in the future they (Sirius) actually make the songs sound like music again... Fingers crossed. =)

December 2005

In December I was lucky enough to get a early copy of an album by SOPHIE MICHALITSIANOS. Sophie and Alton Delano are MAL clients and called to let me know Sophie's album was completed. I was very impressed by this recording... it is different than the mainstream, cookie cutter, radio friendly 'jingles' out there and I loved it. Incredible vibe, tones and feel. I love listening to this on my iPod when I walk in the morning... it is mellow, kind of a 'soundtrack' album. I highly recommend getting a copy when it is released. I think it will be released in Europe first... I will keep you posted.

November 2005

Wow! This is by far the best solo effort from Zakk Wylde! A great album from beginning to end. Insane riffs, Zakk's trademark solos and great tones... heavy tunes and heart felt ballads with a dark edge (one a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrel). Zakk is the last of a long breed of guitar "heros" ... I am glad to see (hear) he is still at the top of his game. If you like Ozzy or Black Sabbath, you should own "Mafia". MAL friend, Eddie Mapp, who used to be Zakk's FOH, helped mix "Mafia" and did a great job. BLS live is great... I just saw BLS for a second time... 11/20/05 at the Fillmore in SF. Great show!

I heard less than half a song on the radio and took a chance on getting this CD... I was happily surprised! Simple, raw and loud ROCK n ROLL... and they have guitar solos!!! Yes rock fans, guitar solos. Reminds me of Kix and Motley Crue (w/ John Corobi)... kinda modern "old school" hard rock.

SEVENDUST "Next" (Winedark)
I am a big fan of Sevendust. "Aniomosity" was a great album as well as the follow up. The latest, "Next" is more of the same with a little less of "something" than the prior two albums. Sevendust is amazing live... one of the best heavy bands I have ever heard. I highly suggest seeing them if you can.

* Rolling Stones - Bigger Bang (EMI)
* Nickelback - All the right reasons (Roadrunner)
* Beck - Midnight Vultures (DGC)

October 2005

NIKKA COSTA "Can'tNeverDidNothin'" (Virgin)
Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier used on Guitar during mix by Manny Marroquin. Lenny Kravitz (bass) and Craig Ross (guitar) guest on several tracks. Amazing Artist... if you dont have either of her CDs do yourself a favor and get them both... if you haven't seen her Play Live you are missing out on a great band with the best female performer walking the planet earth. Nikka Costa is the real deal in a world full of wannabes.

DECCATREE "Battle of Life"
Chris Karn mentioned - MAL Telefunken/Seimens V72 Pair and MAL Neve 33114 Pair used on alot of the recording. Great songs, tones and performance.

DWIGHT YOAKAM "Blame the Vain" (New West)
Mercury M72s Studio Microphones Amplifiers used. Great songs, Great vocals, and Michael Dumas (engineer) got some amazing tele guitar tone!

PAUL ANKA "Rock Swings" (Verve)
Classic! This is a must own for anyone. Mr. Anka sings covers by Oasis, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Soundgarden, Billy Idol and more in a classic swing style ala Sinatra. Great Vocals, Perfomance and Production (hats off to Al Schmitt).

OASIS "Don't Believe the Truth" (Epic)
Not as good a Morning Glory and easy to hear influences (different than before and usual suspects)... but still a good record. Ringo's son Zak Starkey plays drums on several tracks.