* Since 1994 *

For over 19 years, Marquette Audio Labs has been a premier source for New Professional Audio, Vintage Audio Equipment and the Custom Racking of Vintage Modules. Established in 1994, David Marquette and Marquette Audio Labs have been best known for specializing in custom racking of Vintage Modules from Telefunken, Siemens, Neve, Calrec, Audix, Langevin etc... in their very durable, yet beautiful, rack solutions. MAL racks are known for the gray hammertone chassis, clear, grained aluminum front panels and the custom engraved name plates to give a hint of a 1960's custom shop.

Marquette Audio Labs has always provided the best in New Professional Audio as well. We were the first Brauner Microphones dealer in the U.S as well as one of the first Soundelux Microphones dealers. Marquette Audio Labs also offers products from: Cranesong, Purple Audio, Great River, Dangerous Music, Empirical Labs, Daking, ADL, Buzz Audio, MB Microphones, API, Manely, Langevin, Soundfield Microphones, Mercury Recording Equipment Co. and many more.

“We are not 'box shippers' but rather pride ourselves on providing a product or service to help our clients create Music. After all, that is why Marquette Audio Labs started doing this in the first place. I have always loved writing, playing, recording and especially listening to Music. There are many forms of art in the world but nothing affects peoples daily life like music does. My opinion is that music is intertwined in our lives like a personal soundtrack. Some songs might find there way onto many soundtracks but those songs are attached to each persons memories which in turn makes them personal and no two soundtracks can ever be exactly the same. In the end, that seems like a pretty important part of someones life. So to design and build equipment and/ or help provide recording tools for people to make music is a very rewarding job for me.”
- David Marquette

What's Hot - New Equipment

Mercury M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers
Mercury M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers

The rich lows and punchy mids of the vintage V72 modules, but a more open high end
Starting at $1,874.00

Mercury Grand Pre Studio Microphone Amplifier
Mercury Grand Pre Microphone Amplifiers

Open and musical class A discrete microphone amplifier
Starting at $1250.00

Mercury M76m Studio Microphone Amplifiers
Mercury M76m Studio Microphone Amplifiers

A recreation of the original German designed Telefunken / Siemens amplifier module
Starting at $2,374.00

Mercury AM16 Studio Microphone Amplifiers
Mercury AM16 Microphone Amplifiers

Rackmount version of the original 1960s American modular, transistor type preamplifiers
Starting at $1250.00

Brauner Phanthera Microphone
Brauner Phanthera Microphone

Pressure gradient transducer microphone
Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone
Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye ribbon microphone

An all-new, highly versatile ribbon microphone
Soundelux 195 Microphone
Soundelux U195 Microphone

Versatile cardioid condenser microphone
Soundelux ELUX251 Microphone
Soundelux ELUX251 Microphone

Ultimate high resolution tube microphone

ADL C/L 1000 Mono Compressor
ADL C/L 1000 Mono Compressor

Hand built all-discrete mono tube compressor
Coming soon - NOW TAKING ORDERS!
Purple Audio MC77 Limiting Amplifier
Purple Audio MC77 Limiting Amplifier

Replaces the MC76 (1176 type FET limiter)
Empirical Labs Distressor
Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor

Classic knee compression
Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier
Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier

All tube / all transformer, based on the Fairchild 660

Bass Guitar (Acoustic) Guitar (Electric) Room Vocals

Bass Players - Bass in your Face packages

What's Hot - Vintage Equipment

Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672/W695 Package

Telefunken V672 preamps paired with Telefunken W695 EQs

Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672/W491 Package

Telefunken V672 preamps paired with Neumann W491 EQs

Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672 Pair Package

Solid state / discrete version of the V72
Audix 35102 x4 and Audix Am6/17 x2 package
Audix 35102 x4 and Audix Am6/17 x2 Package

Mic pre with 3-band EQ and comp/limiter


MAL Neve 1073 Rack
MAL Neve 1073 Rack - Limited Time Only

Normally $1000 ($1250 w/ TDI)
SPECIAL PRICE: $799 ($1049 w/ TDI)